Thursday, April 29, 2010

I Am Showing!

Over the next three months I will have three shows at The Bold Mark Gallery in Sacramento.
Each month will be different. The May show is called "Remembrances of the Evening" and will include these still lifes.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Part-time Painter's Efforts

Since I got back from the trip two weeks ago I have been busy with everything but painting. I was totally inspired to buckle down and be more regular at doing the essentials... you know...
drawing, anatomy, master studies. But alas life intrudes and I have resigned myself. I must complete the small business venture with my son Alex ( manufacturing airsoft weapons) and
I have had a lot of Doctor visits trying to get my health problems under control. And of course to top it all off, my stamina stinks... which is frustrating for someone who routinely worked
80 hour weeks.
So for now I am a part-time painter!!!
These are some of what I have managed to paint over the last 2 weeks. Seems like I often end up with a profile at classes or open sessions but ya takes what ya gets and ya goes for it.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Four Days Of Portraits

I flew down to San Diego for a four day workshop on portraits with Jeffry Watts. God it was fun. We studied and painted 3 hours in the morning, three hours in the afternoon, and the came back for three hours of open studio with model at night. Had to leave early every night as I couldn't see. Too too tired. Watts is an super artist and an amazing teacher. There are some 72 classes a year at his school or atelier. Each class meets 3 hour once a week for 10 weeks with lots of home work. He rotates anatomy thru body areas, has quick and long study drawing classes, figure and portrait and still life and plienaire painting. He has been teaching so long he has a methodical and well organized curriculum that will make you an artist. I wish I were 25.
These are some of the paintings I did at the class. Disclaimer : some of these have been worked on by Watts as well. He is really good at taking anyone's painting up a notch. He circulates around the class spending 10 to 15 minutes with each artist and talking nonstop. He is really interested in each students needs and deficiencies and gave great direction to us all. Thanks Jeff. The man in blue is a copy after Nicolai Fetchin's " Cruzito". You can see that the girl in red scarf is not my usual style...I tried to do what I was taught rather than what is my usual.....although I am all over the place anyway.