Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Big Friendly Fish

The Big Friendly Fish is made on a 1982 Cushman utility vehicle that was completely rebuilt after stripping off the body. It was constructed freehand out of square tube and 1/8 inch steel plate. The ethos is Dr Suese meets Mad Max. Covered with 3500 computer controlled LEDs it is awesome at night.  Made by myself and my Son, the BFF is a work in progress. The Fish attended 2011 Burningman and has a pass for this year as well. Not seen in these photos is the disco ball hanging from the front of the gantry. The BFF seats five including the rider on top.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Small and Fast..... Figure Oil Sketches

These are all small paintings executed in less than an hour. The first set of 7 are done from life.

The last 4 are done from 5 minute charcoal sketches. From life one must simplify but painting from sketches one must amplify. This is totally different and a great exercise.

Plien Air Cityscapes

I took a 2 day workshop with my Friend Philip Gandiol painting plien air in Sacramento. I have done lots of plien air landscapes but few in town.

In Class Heads

These were all done At Jeffry Watts Atellier in Encinitas. Mostly done in the evenings after a 6 hour day painting or drawing or watching demonstrations. Exhausting but very worth it! I always seem looser at workshops. I am trying to hang on to that all the time.