Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Studio vs plien air landscapes

The first 2 are plien air... the 3rd and 4th are studio landscapes. I like painting outdoors and trying to organize a painting surrounded by the great outdoors is a great exercise. Painting in the studio means painting more than you see in the reference photo rather than less. Both are valuable.

Trials of Figure Painting

Painting the figure remains a frustrating obsession. The results so often falls short of the concept.
However as I persevere I see progress. That, and the sheer joy of the process keeps me painting the figure.


I continue to feel fairly competent at painting the human head and I love to do it. However I try to avoid always doing a head as we all need to go where we are uncomfortable in order to develop. Those who cannot resist are sometimes called headhunters!

Catch up time

I have been ill and one of the things I decided to let go was this blog. As a posts for 3 months. Also no paintings varnished or photographed. I am feeling stronger so here's to catching up. These are all done in class with Susan Sarback. Still lifes are not really my thing but I love the change up and I am learning a lot.