Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Recent portraits

These are all 16x20 and were painted after I attended Carolyn Anderson's work shop. I see a big change, a greater willingness to leave a lot to the imagination. The other teaching I took away from Carolyn was her mantra " if you are painting a shape, paint an interesting shape". It now repeats in my the benefit of my work!

Carolyn Anderson Workshop

These were all done at Carolyn Anderson's Workshop at the Jeffry Watts Attelier in Encinitas California. She is a master at lost edges. I fact, her found edges are a small fraction of the ones she looses or better yet never finds. As I am the clown of sharp edges I learned a ton. I just had these shipped home after waiting a month for them to dry and can see I am already slipping back into my overendered habits. All paintings are 16x20 inch.