Monday, January 21, 2013

Portrait VS Landscape Format

Some times I see my composition as being wider than it is tall and I paint a portrait in what is called the Landscape Orientation....that is with a rectangular canvas on its side.  I once had someone curating a show tell me I had painted it "the wrong way".

Square Format

These are 18 x 18 inches. The square format is kinda fun for a change. However they violate the basic rule of composition in that the equal sides decrease variation......always risking less interesting composition. I cant 't figure out why I don't like the painting of the Bearded Gentleman. I love the Moody Gal.


Back to portraits again. No surprise here! These are all 18X14 inches. One of may favorite sizes for painting at an open session of three hours.

Master Copies

Every once in a while I do a Master Copy. It is a great way to learn but somehow I am resistant. When I do them I really enjoy myself, but it is hard to get started>

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Still lifes

I am still painting a still life most weeks. I can tell it is paying off. The process flows...many fewer false moves.